My First Cleanse & The Paleo Diet

Why hello there! Man, do I have a lot to tell you about in the next few weeks. Here is the quick version in chronological order: I did my first cleanse, I began seeing the amazing Dr. Frank Lipman in NYC, I totally overhauled my diet, AND I got married!! It has been a very exciting and a busy few months.


Let me start with the cleanse which I began in May. After feeling less than stellar for a few moMorning Shakenths I decided I wanted to cleanse. It took me months to decide how I was going to do this.  Should I do a juice-only cleanse like BluePrint or a similar cleanse from my local Juice Caboose? I was tempted and many of my friends do them regularly. These cleanses are juice-only for 3-5 days. The juices are prepared and given to you to drink on a schedule throughout the day.  I love green juice, but I felt that with my schedule and demands at work, I needed a little more caloric intake and more substance each day than just juice. Enter Dr Lipman. I have been a huge fan for a long time. I read his books, followed his blog, and really liked his philosophy. So, after some research, I decided to do Dr. Lipman's Cleanse program for 2 weeks which involved vitamins, shakes and really clean food. (More on that later this week...I will give you guys a FULL rundown of the Cleanse!!)

Dr Frank Lipman

Around this same time I had gone to the rheumatologist and found out that although my thyroid levels were stable and other blood markers were good, I had a slightly positive ANA for the first time. ANA is the anti-nuclear antibody and is a marker of auto-imminity in the blood. I was really shocked. I felt like I was on the right path with my diet and lifestyle....where was I going wrong to cause this change? My rheumatologist was not impressed with this change in blood levels and told me to come back if I started to feel worse. OUCH. I knew that now was the time to see Dr Lipman, so I called his office and made an appointment.  I started the Cleanse 10 days before my appointment. By the time I saw Dr Lipman, I had some amazing transformations and was feeling pretty good. ( I CANT WAIT to tel you all about stay tuned.) But my stomach was still hurting and I knew I still had some work to do....

Goin' Paleo...say whaaat?

You heard me...I went Paleo. Yup. Paleo. Primal. I actually remember saying a few months ago "I would hate that....".

My oh my how things change.  After seeing Dr Lipman and discussing my autoimmune issues, my diet, the cleanse, my medical history and my daily routine in an awesome, lengthy appointment, we decided the only next step was to cut out grains and legumes.  Oh yea, and most nuts. This was craaazy. I eat brown rice or quinoa almost daily. I love lentils. Some sort of bean is always in my lunch salad. Almonds and almond butter are a staple! And MEAT. I had to really eat MEAT. O.M.G. Folks this full story will rock ya. But going paleo changed my life forever! It also made me re-think everything I thought about protein, alkalinity, being basically vegetarian. Dont worry, the full story will be coming next week.

Now I'm A Wife!

I'm married! Yup, July 12th Dave and I were married, with our wonderful friends and family by our sides. It has been an exciting whirlwind over the past few weeks. I can not wait to show all of you a few pictures and tell you about the awesome people we worked with during the process! If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you already saw some of the great pictures from our evening!

Okay so there is the updates....stay tuned for the me, it will be worth it!  It's good to be back! In the mean time....follow me on Twitter @meg_mcgrane or on Instagram at megmcgrane4.

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  1. a mcgrane

    So nice to hear you finally found a health professional that really listened to you and understands what it is going to take to help you manage your overall health.

    • Thank you! It has been a journey that I can not wait to share with everyone!

  2. Laura Zamrok

    What an exciting time for you! Congratulations on all levels and I can’t wait to see your pics!

    • Thanks so much Laura!! More coming soon! :) Hope you are doing great

  3. Susan

    Congrats with EVERYTHING Megan. So excited for you in every aspect. Can not wait to hear all the details of your dietary overhaul. In the meantime, enjoy this exciting time in your life and feel good!

    • Susan-thank you so much! Definitely stay tuned for the dietary details, its really a crazy story! :)

  4. Kate

    Meg, can’t wait to hear the details on everything – and see more pics from the wedding!

  5. Can’t wait to hear more in paleo. Keep us posted.

  6. So much positivity! :-) I’m interested to hear more about your paleo experience!

  7. […] Going Paleo wasn’t as big of a change as you may think, because I had already given up many non-Paleo foods.  I haven’t eaten bread in almost ten years.  It makes me physically ill.  I can’t eat many carbs, so I stick to mainly meat and vegetables.  I definitely enjoy quinoa, legumes, and gluten-free grains; but they make me feel awful afterward. […]

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