The “Feel My Best” List. The Un-Resolution.

I have never made a New Years Resolution that I followed through with. Oops. I just don't think they stick for me. If you really want to make a positive change, you will do it any time of year, not necessarily January 1st. For example: I started my Autoimmune Paleo journey on May 4, 2013. I gave up grain and legumes and went from vegan to paleo. After subsisting on grains and legumes for years that was it. I have not had my favorite brown rice or lentils since.  So instead of resolving to make a major change, here is my 2014 venture. My "Feel Best" List!

What makes you feel your best? Do you know what things you do that always make you feel awesome? Do you do those things every day? Every week? I know I do not. Crazy right? Some days I just choose OTHER things instead of what makes me feel great.  Ouch. So for 2014, Im posting my Feel Best list and making the effort to do THESE things more often!  I do not need to try anything NEW in order to start 2014 off on a great foot. I sat down over the past week and wrote out 12 things that make me feel my best. So here they are!!

I Feel Best When I:

  1. Speak positively (to myself and others)
  2. Love others. Hard.
  3. Meditate daily
  4. Choose tea over coffee
  5. Choose Love over FEAR (false.evidence.appearing.real)
  6. Do yoga at least three times per week
  7. Stop grains and 'cheats' (you know..."just one bite"...)
  8. Limit dairy
  9. Sleep 7+ hours
  10. Have a clean space (home, car, closet..etc)
  11. Workout. Every day in some fashion.
  12. Spend more time relaxing WITHOUT a device (iPad, phone, computer) glued to my side

So what is your feel best list? I challenge you to sit down this week for a few minutes and jot down the things that make you feel awesome. Write it, type it, put it in your phone. Keep the list somewhere where you will see it often and envision 2014 as the year that you feel your best!

Wishing you a very healthy and very happy 2014,


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6 Responses

  1. I love it Meg! Great stuff! Here's to a great 2014!
    • Megan
      Thanks so much Kate!!
  2. What a great list, Megan! I'm with you on #7...grains and cheats. The "one bite" option is dangerous and all of my bites add up not feeling so hot. I'm going to follow your lead and create my own "Feel My Best" list for 2014!
    • Megan
      Thanks Steph! Let me know how your list goes!! :)
  3. Hi Megan! Just now catching up on reading your posts. I really like the idea of a list of what makes you feel best vs resolutions. Your list has given me some great thoughts to ponder! A lot of them will be on my list! Thanks for your insight!
    • Megan
      So glad you are going for the un-resolution!! Let me know how it goes!!!
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