Amazing Berry Jam (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Paleo)

I love the rich color and sweet-yet-tart taste of berries. I also really enjoy a good berry jam.  Unfortunately, most jams are loaded with sugar, corn syrup and other undesirable ingredients.  I have a healthy nutrition packed solution for you! A berry jam loaded with chia and gelatin for super health benefits!!


Berries are a superfood that has stood the test of time in the nutrition world.  They are relatively low in sugar as far as fruit is concerned and provide you with tons of great antioxidant power from their rich colors. Anthocyanins (they make up the great rich color!) in berries are stellar compounds that are known to decrease inflammation and protect brain function. Berries are also loaded with Vitamin C and fiber.


I LOVE chia! These tiny seeds are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and fiber. They absorb ten times their weight in water and give the jam a great seed texture. They also make the jam nice and thick.  (Check out more info on chia here!)


Gelatin is an animal product that is in many foods like jello, gummy treats and jellies/jams. Including gelatin from grass-fed animals (I recommend Great Lakes Gelatin) into your diet can help with joint health as well as hair and nail growth. Rich in amino acids, gelatin is also believed to improve gut health and soothe the GI tract when it is damaged (which is especially helpful in autoimmune disorders and digestive disorders. Here is a great article by Stupid Easy Paleo breaking it all down!) It is KEY to get gelatin from animals that are grass-fed for maximum health benefits.

Healthy Berry Jam

1 1/2 Bags of Mixed Berries (any berries you like! I used 1 bag of mixed berries and 1/2 bag of blueberries)

1/3 cup water

2 1/2 Tablespoons Great Lakes Gelatin

1/3 cup Chia Seeds


What To Do:

1. Put berries in sauce pan on low and add in the water. Allow berries to come to a simmer for about 15-20 minutes until they start to cook down and get soft. Stir occasionally with a whisk or fork to break up the larger berries as they become softer.

2. Gently sprinkle the gelatin on the simmering mixture and whisk well as you sprinkle, taking care not to get clumps of the gelatin.

3. Add the chia seeds and continue to whisk. Whisk for a few minutes so all of the ingredients are incorporated well. Set aside in a glass container and allow to cool in the refrigerator.  The jam will keep for 3-4 days and gradually tighten up the longer it sits.

Special Note: The longer the jam sits, the more gelatinous it will get from the chia seeds absorbing the liquid and the gelatin setting. After about two days it turns more into a gummy snack/jello type texture but tastes so great!!

Honestly, this jam is SO good and SO healthy. Gelatin is a great supplement and this is an awesome way to get it into your diet. I have been loving this jam on top of my (goat) yogurt or with a little banana in the morning. I also think it would be a great addition to a smoothie for a little berry punch. I hope you love the jam! Let me know on Instagram and Twitter!!


From Stupid Easy Paleo:

From The Wellness Mama:

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  1. Another great way to get more gelatin in my diet - definitely going to make this jam this weekend!!
  2. Hi Meg, This sounds soo good, definetly will try it. Is there any way to keep it longer than 3-4 days?? Love Bec

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